Granitgard Termite Protection

Termguard Pty Ltd warrants on all new full system installations that for the life expectancy of the building (50 Years) the Granitgard Physical Termite Barrier will remain free from subterranean termite penetration.

Any subterranean termite damage to the building that is a result of defective Granitgard product will be made good by Termguard Pty Ltd. The Warranty issued is subject to annual inspections by an authorised Granitgard Pest Controller (as recommended by the Australian Standard) and other warranty conditions.

Full details of the Granitgard Warranty can be found in the handover pack provided to you by your builder or installing company upon completion of the system install.


Annual Inspections:  Have your property inspected at least once per year by a licensed Granitgard Operator. Make sure you keep documentation of all inspections. These annual inspections are a condition of your Warranty and in compliance with the Australian Standard for Termite Protection (AS3660).

Inspection Zone:  It is important that 75mm “Inspection Zone” clear of obstructions be maintained around the bottom outside edge of the building. Storing timber, refuse or other materials against the edge of your house can conceal termite activity and entry over the physical barrier. Landscaping should not impact on this 75mm Inspection Zone. Please advise the installer immediately of any obstructions as it may void your termite protection warranty.

Extensions or Alterations: Ensure any additions that join onto your home (including verandas, timber decks, awnings, pergolas etc.) are designed so they prevent concealed termite entry. This can easily be achieved by allowing a minimum of 25mm gap between the structure and the external wall of your home. Always use treated timbers. Extensions to the existing building will require Termite Protection. Please contact your Granitgard installer for advice in all cases. Not maintaining a complete termite barrier in additions or alterations will void your warranty with your Granitgard Installer.

General Maintenance:  Do not store timber, refuse, firewood or similar materials close to the building. Do not plant trees that will grow to three metres within three metres of the building. Do not use untreated timber/woodchips in garden beds or retaining walls. Ensure drainage is adequate around your building. Regularly inspect the perimeter of the building for signs of termites bridging the barrier.  Contact your Granitgard Operator immediately if you have any questions. 

REMEMBER: “Prevention is better than the cure”

For more information on the Granitgard Physical Termite Barrier Product Warranty contact our National Head Office on 1800 032 549