How does Granitgard work?

  • Natural crushed and screened Australian granite and PVC strip shielding is installed into the brick cavity around the perimeter of new buildings, the area most prone to attack by subterranean termites. The Granitgard particle barrier works by being too dense and hard for termites to push or chew their way through. This forces any termite activity into the open where it can be visually detected. It is therefore essential that a 75mm “inspection zone” clear of obstructions be maintained around the bottom outside edge of the building and a visual termite inspection be carried out by a licensed Granitgard Operator at least once a year.

How long will my Granitgard barrier system remain effective?

  • All Granitgard components have been tested and assessed by external parties who have proven them to meet a 50 year durability requirement.

Can I purchase Granitgard and install it myself?

  • No, only specially trained and licensed Granitgard Installers are permitted to install Granitgard products.

How often should my home be inspected?

  • Australian Standard AS 3660.1-2000 recommends regular inspections at least 12 monthly, or 3-6 monthly in high termite areas. This is also a requirement of your Granitgard Warranty Conditons.

Can anyone inspect my Granitgard barrier?

  • In accordance with your Granitgard Warranty Conditions only current Granitgard Licensees are authroised by Granitgard to inspect on our behalf to uphold your Granitgard Warranty. A list of licensees can be found here.

How can I obtain a cost?

  • One of your nearest Granitgard licensees will be able to provide you with quotes for new system installations and prices in relation to annual inspections and general pest services.

How often will my system need maintenance?

  • As Granitgard is placed in the brick cavity around your home it should not need any physical maintenance other than the annual inspections and the basic steps detailed in the Granitgard Warranty Conditions.

I am renovating, what should I do?

  • Consult your licenced Installer before beginning any building works or repairs that might damage or conceal the barrier.