BLOCKAID-TERMI is an industry leading pre-construction termite sealant for

  • Joints
  • Step Downs
  • Retaining Walls
  • Narrow Cavities (perimeters)


Prevent Termite ingress

BLOCKAID-TERMI is an industry leading solvent free Termite Management system for joints, step downs, narrow cavities (perimeters) and retaining walls. Applied with either a brush, roller or caulking gun, BLOCKAID-TERMI is your easy to apply pre-construction termite protection.
Powered by an industry proven long lasting active ingredient – bifenthrin – BLOCKAID-TERMI has excellent adhesion and weathering properties combined with durability and flexibility. BLOCKAID-TERMI complies with AS3660.1 AS3660.2 AS3660.3 and the Australian standard for wet area membranes AS 4858.
BLOCKAID-TERMI offers a full 50* year termite protection warranty.



BLOCKAID-TERMI is a highly flexible elastomeric Termite Proof sealant designed for use on a wide variety of vertical and horizontal substrates where movement is to be expected.
BLOCKAID-TERMI dries grey with a smooth surface finish and remains highly flexible under extreme elongation and under constant exposure to moisture. Unlike bituminous sealants BLOCKAID-TERMI does not soften and attract dirt and stains and may be easily cleaned with mild detergents and water. BLOCKAID-TERMI is UV resistant and can be used in exposed areas without embrittlement. BLOCKAID-TERMI is a soft coating and not suitable for high traffic areas unless covered with a suitable protective covering such as tiles or pavers but will withstand moderate foot traffic.

BLOCKAID-TERMI is suitable for application over a wide range of substrates including, concrete, masonry, fibre-cement sheeting, plaster board, brick, render, plastics, metal and UPVC surfaces. BLOCKAID-TERMI may be applied to damp surfaces although freedom from surface water and continual dampness is essential for curing to occur. Damp surfaces will increase drying/curing time.


More information


BLOCKAID-TERMI Installation Manual





*Conditions apply, as per warranty documentation and installation manual.