BLOCKAID-AQUA is a new generation waterproofing treatment for

  • Retaining walls
  • Planter boxes
  • Roofs, balconies & decks
  • Terraces & podiums
  • Shower recess & bathroom walls
  • General wet areas
  • Interior or exterior use


Acrylic, highly flexible waterproofing treatment

BLOCKAID-AQUA is a highly flexible elastomeric waterproofing treatment designed for use on a wide variety of vertical and horizontal substrates where movement is to be expected.
BLOCKAID-AQUA exceeds the highest standard required for waterproofing wet areas – AS 4858 achieving Class III, making it suitable for a wide range of waterproofing applications.



BLOCKAID-AQUA dries grey with a smooth surface finish and remains highly flexible under extreme elongation and under constant exposure to moisture. Unlike bituminous sealants, BLOCKAID-AQUA does not soften and attract dirt and stains and has excellent chemical resistance and durability. It may be easily cleaned with mild detergents and water.
BLOCKAID-AQUA is UV resistant however we recommend the sealant is covered with a suitable acrylic paint for extended outdoor exposure. BLOCKAID-AQUA is a soft coating and not suitable for high traffic areas unless covered with a suitable protective covering such as tiles, but will withstand light foot traffic.


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BLOCKAID-AQUA Installation Manual







*Conditions apply, as per warranty documentation and installation manual.